Feb 062017

Today Mark is cutting the 40’ shipping / cargo container into two 20’ pieces and moving them to my house. One half will be converted into the shipping container shop (aka tiny house/man cave shop;). And the other half Mark is going to convert into a mini 10ft container to sell to his friend Kirk to help recoup some of the costs of this project.

Overall the process was pretty straight forward, just so long as the container is supported well and is on a good base. The cutting was done mostly on my own with some help from my neighbor Al, who sold me the container.

Jan 292017

Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that we need more than a workshop at the cottage. The biggest challenge is going to be figuring out how to make this massive two-and-a-half ton repurposed shipping container fit into the natural surroundings.

Jan 072017


Here is Part 7 of the sunken greenhouse project, where I talk about the rainwater harvesting system, cooling tunnel progress and the gravity powered watering system that I’ve installed since the last update. And yes, we’ve got real plants growing in it now! I’ll update you on the progress and also talk about what I still have planned for it. But for now it’s pretty much fully functional and hopefully will be getting a lot of use in the future!