Jul 132017

Eggshells contain a number of minerals that are essential to plant growth, most notably calcium, which plays an important role in the strength and thickness of plant cell walls. Sufficient calcium in the soil also helps prevent blossom end rot.


Apr 292017

The people at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden are doing a great job with their Community Kitchen Garden. They provide fresh vegetables to several groups around Richmond, Virginia. The garden continues to improve each year. This is a walk thru tour of what they have growing right now.

The water tanks and the corrugated metal I get asked for on a weekly basis at the farm store.


Apr 262017

Today I’m finishing up the electrical in the shipping container shop project and installing lights, a fan, and a few other things to help make this a great project space… aka man cave too;) The electrical is all surface mount and tied to my house panel. The next portion of this project will be adding workbenches and shelving and then it’s pretty much going to be a functional workspace. However, I’m sure there will be plenty of updates and different container related projects along the way!


Apr 232017

Today in the shipping container shop project I’ll be adding insulation and wall coverings to the container. The insulation was super easy to work with and the walls came out better than I expected…. The ceiling… ehh…. it was so so. In the next part I’ll be doing the electrical, adding lights and a whole bunch of other stuff.